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Manufacturing is a process where raw material is converted to finished product with the help of machinery and skilled labor. Many activities which were earlier done manually have been taken over by machines. However, people are still required to operate and maintain these machines. Manufacturing provides millions of jobs to people across all the fields. There are many roles available in the manufacturing industry and it offers a lucrative career. 

Some of the important roles available in this industry are machine operators, technicians, engineers and operation personnel. Operation personnel are usually management people who oversee the overall production process and are in-charge of men management. Operations also include administration, finance, human resource and security personnel. 

The roles include people who operate the machine and are in- charge of the maintenance of the machines. Role of an engineer is also very important in the manufacturing industry and provides good scope for career growth. There are number of courses which are offered by many institutes to learn the required skills. Production and operation courses prepare the students to work efficiently in the manufacturing unit. 

As these courses provide on-the-job training, it helps the students to easily secure a good job. The opportunity to work as an intern is also huge. The manufacturing units hire number of interns and give them training in different roles. 


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